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Adult Performing Arts Programme

Star Dreams Regardless of Age


Star Ark Annie‘s (Lin Qianru) provides various zero-based training courses for youth and adults who are interested in performing arts. "In addition to interest courses, this course can also be developed into professional film and television training." The content of the course is focused on basic individual or small group performing arts training, such as Posture and body Language, Voice & Vocal Training, Acting Skills, Temperament Improvement, etc. Courses are specially developed for adults who love art performances to improve their performance skills and create a charming atmosphere. These courses allow apprentices to complete their childhood "star dreams", giving them the opportunity to enhance their temperament, realize their potential, enrich their lives, develop their careers, and even provide them with the opportunity to actually show on stage.

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A1 Image Training.jpg



Youth or Adult

Do you want to have an elegant image and stage presence? Do you want to have an outstanding demeanor when you appear on stage? Come and join the body training course, which integrates fitness, mental fitness, and bodybuilding, and is an aesthetic education course for shaping a beautiful body shape and posture and strengthening the beauty of body shape. Body training includes demeanor aesthetics and clothing performance, including etiquette training, formal dress catwalk, cheongsam elegance, body combing, comprehensive body shape and other courses. Let you show a beautiful stage presence on stage, improve your temperament and image, and strengthen your personal aura.


Four/two-hour physical classes

3 Annie Cafe Adv.jpg



Youth or Adult

Exclusively designed for non-Chinese speakers, this unique foundational Mandarin singing, literacy, and conversational course employs a lighthearted and engaging "listen, speak, sing, read, perform" approach. Students learn Chinese in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, easily and rapidly mastering 400 to 800 basic, commonly used words, becoming familiar with everyday topics. In addition to achieving listening comprehension, character recognition, and vocabulary usage, the course fulfills basic communication needs. Furthermore, it enables students to engage in spontaneous dialogue and enhance their Mandarin language performance skills.


Four/two-hour physical classes

A2 Vocal Training.jpg



Youth or Adult

Do you want to make your voice sound better? Want to have a sexy and charming voice like a broadcaster, actor or singer? Through the key voice and language training of this course (breath is sound, sound is cavity, cavity is word, word is word, word is emotion) to support "breath", find "sound", pronounce "word" correctly), learn to master the emotional tone, intonation, rhythm and pause, control the voice, and express clearly or perform delicately, enhance personal charm, and make singing, acting and speaking better!


Four/two-hour physical classes

Course 4 Video Editing.jpg



Youth or Adult

This is a beginner-friendly, zero-base introductory training course that teaches the basics of downloading mobile applications, using software, and learning the production functions of video and audio editing, including cutting, splicing, transitions, speed adjustment, adding filters, zooming, rotating, adding stickers, applying effects, incorporating sound effects, and adding subtitles.


Through face-to-face, hands-on guidance, you will be instructed on how to create short videos. Learn while getting your questions answered! Mastering short video editing allows you to showcase your talents on multimedia platforms.


Two-hour physical course

A3 Performance Skills.jpg



Youth or Adult

Interested in understanding the basic requirements and skills related to performing arts and exploring your potential? The training provides a deeper insight into both on-screen and behind-the-scenes aspects of filmmaking. Through self-introduction, character simulation, life sketches, improvisational acting, dialogue training, etc, you will enhance various foundational skills such as observational abilities, concentration, imagination, and imitation. It aims to improve emotional control, boost confidence, and enable participants to perform in skits and create video content. Exceptional students, upon evaluation, may also have the opportunity for on-screen performances.


Four/two-hour physical classes




Children/ Youth/Adults

Want to have your own MTV music video? Want to start making your own album? Everything will pass away, only photos and videos will leave immortal masterpieces! We will help you realize your dreams, help you discover your potential, and help you sculpt into the person you want most! Hurry up and grab this special package opportunity to record a video and let us help you achieve your dreams! (You need to provide a recorded voice. If necessary, we can help!)

$399/ Video

2 hours shooting & editing

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