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Introduction to Star Nursery Rhymes Course

Welcome to this website to learn about the courses.

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We launch three children’s courses at great value:

CH001, CH002, CH003,

For children aged 3-12 years old.

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Because let your children learn from Teacher Nini,

she heThere will be great gains and rapid progress!

Action is worse than excitement, hurry up and subscribe to the course,

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CH001 Children's Words
Thematic Vocabularies

This is a 40-system course of "Theme Song Vocabulary Cards" specially customized by Teacher Nini for your children. The courses are divided into four series, each series contains 10 topics closely related to life, such as personal, home, environment, activities, etc. Through the subscription of online songs and word card teaching videos (study and review at any time), word cards and exercises are delivered, allowing children to listen, watch, sing and read, gradually and quickly master new words and improve their intelligence!

2 华语提高-7至10岁.jpg

CH002 Primary school idioms
Primary Idioms     

This is an improved version of the "Theme Idioms and Proverbs Word Cards" system course for children's words in Star Nursery Rhymes. The course is also divided into four series, each series contains 10 theme idioms that are closely related to life. Through the online interactive video teaching of Teacher Nini and Teacher Binbin, word cards and homework exercises are provided, allowing students to listen, watch, sing, read and write, and master more than 300 idioms and proverbs, which is enough to cope with primary and secondary school students. Advanced Chinese required!

1 儿童演艺班.jpg

CHOO3 Children's Chinese Performing Arts
Mandarin Speech & Perfomrnig Arts

Children who love singing and dancing will take their language expression skills to the next level! This online Chinese performing arts has helped more than 4,000 students fall in love with Chinese, and it is a successful course. It integrates various art forms, such as speech, singing, dancing, drama, performance, painting, etc., to cultivate students' interest in learning, fall in love with exploring knowledge, expand imagination, develop potential, build confidence in performance, and ultimately improve language expression skills. .There are six major themes and 60 songs in total, allowing children to learn happily!

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