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儿童华语演艺班 Mandarin Performing Arts

For Children 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12 yrs old (1.5 hr, Weekly Lessons) 

  • 99 新加坡元
  • Online & Offlline


星童谣普通话口语和表演艺术计划是一项有效而有趣的普通话计划,旨在帮助您的孩子在语言和能力方面表现出色!妮妮女士将通过动态的唱歌,说话,阅读和表演技巧来指导孩子的学习-您的孩子会喜欢的!妮妮老师创作的这些独特的主题歌曲旨在帮助您的孩子轻松享受和学习汉语。您的孩子还将学会学习,并同时掌握多种演讲和表演技巧!立即注册并免费获得2堂额外课程!(教学模式为普通话,只有词汇可以翻译成英文)。 StarArk Mandarin Speaking & Performing Arts Program is an effective and fun-filled Mandarin program, designed to help your child excel in language and blossom in confidence! Ms. Nini will guide your child's learning through dynamic techniques in singing, speaking, reading and acting - your child will love it! These unique thematic songs composed by Nini Lao Shi are designed to help your child enjoy and learn Chinese with ease. Your child will also learn to learn better, and master multiple presentation and performing skills at the same time! Register Now and get 2 extra lessons free of charge! (The mode of teaching will be in Mandarin, only vocabularies may translate to English).



+ 92318781

Singapore, , SGP

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