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Discover a State-Of-The-Art Educational Program

backed with Real Results, Developed by Professionals

through 29 Years of Experience, that Empowers Your Child

to Fall In Love With Chinese In 40 Days!

Attn: Young Parents, With Children 2-10 Years Old…

Do You Want To Help Your Child?

  • To Speak Fluent Mandarin?

  • To Read Chinese Easily?

  • To Have a Strong Foundation in Chinese Vocabulary?

  • To Be Self-Motivated to Love and Learn Chinese?

  • Are You Looking for a Structured, Fulfilled, Proven & Affordable Program?


If you say YES to any of these questions...

The StarArk Video Course is for you!


So how did they get such amazing results?

Read on and find out for yourself.


Your child could follow in their footsteps and achieve the same!

Annie photo.jpg

Hi, I am Ms. Annie Lim (Nini Lao Shi), the founder of StarArk. 


Here’s a bit of background on myself. As an education expert, I have more than 29 years of experience in Language and Performing Arts Education, Pedagogy, Curriculum development and Teachers’ Coaching. 

Originally, I was an Artiste and Chinese TV News Producer (Channel 8) on National Television with the Singapore Broadcasting Company (SBC), and trained with Top Industry Experts in Language and Speech Coaching during my time in the Media Industry.


Subsequently, I founded the Excel-World Language School and worked with SAFRA for a decade, benefiting more than 4000 students with our Mandarin and Performing Arts Program. I also founded two International Kindergartens in China, and personally trained many local and foreign Chinese teachers. 

I am Passionate for children and their education and have composed over 500 Children's Songs. Therefore naturally, in 2014 I was awarded the LKY Bilingual Cultural Education Fund to produce bilingual Nursery Rhymes for Singapore. I am also an invited judge for the National Primary and Secondary School Story-telling Contest under the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Association, and the Judge for Channel 8 Sheng Siong Show Singing Contest. Currently, my curriculum for teaching Mandarin and Performing Arts is used by many kindergartens in both China and Singapore.

I sincerely believe that Learning should be Natural, Easy and Enjoyable. When coaching my teachers, I always encourage Creativity, Fun and an Attitude of Care and Empathy for our students. Therefore the students under our programmes develop to become Well-rounded, Cultured, Knowledgeable, Confident Individuals, Equipped to Excel in Life.


Dear Parent,

Have you ever wondered why it is such a struggle to provide your child with quality education in Chinese?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, things can’t seem to get better?  Or worse... your situation gets worse and worse, the harder you try? 


I assume that’s why you’re here reading my message. And you’ve come to the right place. Because I have the solution. I have YOUR solution...

I’ll reveal that in a moment. But before that, you need to know something important:


Is your child currently using MANY Chinese educational materials, attending tuition and enrichment classes


So how’s that working out for you?

Let me guess again: Not so good, right? 

That’s why you’re looking for an alternative and better solution

Before I tell you how to do that, let me tell you what’s the biggest problem with the typical approach.  Many parents like you have:

No Time

  • Do you struggle to set aside personal time to teach your child Chinese on top of your busy schedule?

  • Do you have to waste so much time fetching your child here and there for tuition and enrichment classes?


No Experience

  • Worried that you don’t have the necessary expertise to teach your child? 

  • With so much information out there, are you lost and confused in choosing what are the best materials for your child? 


No Money

  • Concerned about the high pricing of tuition fees and enrichment classes

  • Are you spending waaayyy too much money on expensive study materials, courses and fancy educational gimmicks?

Because of that, you’ll always be struggling to give your child a quality education in Chinese. Instead, you’ll forever be running in circles, wasting time, effort and money trying to find the “right thing” to improve your child’s Chinese.

Thankfully, it’s not too late

Like I mentioned, I have your solution

So buckle your seat belts… get ready… because here it is

StarArk Video Course

Let Your Child fall in love With Chinese in 40 Days...


       Benefit #1:  It is Time-efficient : 

The StarArk Video Course is a micro-learning modular system, your child would only need to spend a short 15 minutes everyday in learning.  


It is also a fully-guided learning system - requiring minimal time from you to supervise your child’s learning. With StarArk Video Course and any internet device, your child can learn Chinese - anytime, anywhere!

       Benefit #2:  It is Structured and Guided

By subscribing to our StarArk Video Course, you are essentially receiving a structured system. It comprises of thematic lessons developed to fully guide your child’s learning. Hence, minimal experience and effort is required from you!  

Furthermore, as a bonus, I will provide additional coaching to you as a parent if you have any concerns and issues in your child’s progress and education. You will even get to ask me personally for advice!

       Benefit #3:  It is Cost-efficient

Compared to all the Programs, Tuition and Enrichment Classes out there, we are Offering this Video Course at a Very Affordable Rate. At just $39.90/month, your little ones will be able to enjoy the learning process of Chinese, and build a strong foundation in their language skills through our cutting-edge system!

In StarArk, we believe that quality education

should be accessible for everyone.


When you’re equipped with the StarArk Video Course, get ready for your child’s learning experience in Chinese to change forever

Your child will learn to love the Chinese language. Your journey with StarArk as a parent in your child’s Chinese education will be a lot easier

Feeling skeptical? I don’t blame you. I know there are many bad apples that give the industry a bad name. 

So see for yourself how other parents just like you, and their children, have benefited from the StarArk Video Course. 


Their success is no fluke. It’s not by chance. It’s not luck. 

It’s actually by design. Our design. Through our StarArk Video Course, we made it happen. And now, let us make it happen for you…

I know by now, you’re probably dying to find out more... 


So when you subscribe to the StarArk Video Course, we’ll be sharing the EXACT way we can give your child a headstart in their Chinese language and more.. LOTS MORE!

 (Insert a preview video of the SVC & a PPT slide indicating the end result with animation)

Here’s what you’ll be getting: 

  • A program of 4 Modules With 40 Themes

  • Over 1,600 Chinese Vocabularies

  • 40 Catchy Thematic Songs

  • Vibrant and Engaging Visuals

  • Multimodal Learning Media to Keep Your Child Engaged

  • Knowledge, Skills and Values that strengthen your child’s learning ability

  • Weekly Personal Guided Learning by an Expert Educator through Webinars


What is so different about StarArk?

Guided Weekly Webinar For Kids


 I will personally be present weekly online webinar sessions to coach your child, through exciting activities such as Encyclopedic Sharing, Stories, Sing-Alongs, Vocabularies and Literacy GamesCard Game and, Show & Tell, for the 40 themes!

I will also give instruction to your child for weekly assignments and some assessments to put your child’s learning into application and check for his/her progress. 

The weekly Webinar will be Grouped by Age.
​(Participation details will be notified separately upon subscription) 

      *6 years old and below:

       - Literacy Games - Fairy Tales - Interesting Facts - Sentence Construction & Conversation Skills- Thematic Mazes - Assignments and Follow-up

      *7 years old and above:

       - Word Association - Idiom Stories - Composition Skills & Creative Writing - Speaking and Presentation Skills - Assignments and Follow-up




      Specially Composed Thematic Songs.


Every online lesson comes with a theme song personally composed by me! 

That is.. 40 Chinese thematic songs, with over 1600 vocabularies in total!

Singing is fun, interesting and engaging.  

It allows your child to easily remember content and vocabularies.

Music, rhythm, and lyrics greatly helps in reading, speaking and pronunciation.

This approach also develops your child’s musical-rhythmic & harmonic intelligence, nurtures your child’s creativity and expression, and results in fun and stress-free learning!

       Build a Strong Chinese Foundation. 

Don’t miss the golden period for your child’s learning! It is shown scientifically that the age 0 to 8 years old is the critical age where children absorb and retain information optimally. 

The StarArk Video Course is designed to optimise the learning process in this critical age range. 

The program is packed-full with all the necessary vocabulary and knowledge for your child to have a strong foundation, not just in the Chinese language, but in life. 

Build a strong foundation before it is too late! Save yourself the headaches, heartbreaks and costly investments in the future.

       Intelligently Designed for Optimal Learning

If your child is over the critical age, do not fear! 

No matter the age of your child, the StarArk Video Course curriculum is designed scientifically to allow anyone to learn intuitively and quickly. 

Our activities and songs are designed to activate and mirror the learning process in our critical age, tapping into the mind’s natural learning capabilities and maximising our learning potential. 

The StarArk Video Course leads to faster learning and higher retention rates due to its visuo-melodic and multi-sensorial based learning modes.

With StarArk, anyone can learn like when they were in their golden years!


       Cultivate A Positive Attitude To Learning.

We aren’t just solely focusing on academics here. 

This program stimulates your child’s natural, in-born curiosity. 

The fun and interactive activities will spark interest, and nurture the love and joy in learning. 

Your child will be excited to learn, and be proactive in his/her pursuit of knowledge! 

This is not just about building a strong foundation in your child’s skills, but goes deeper.. it’s about nurturing the heart and mind for learning!

With StarArk, your child will grow to be a life-long learner. 

Learning will no longer be a chore!

      Expand your child’s horizons.

By going through all 40 themes, your child will progressively build upon their knowledge. 

With themes spanning from the ordinary (such as Family, Home, and Accessories), to the extraordinary (such as Nature, Insects and Animals); and from the concrete (such as Food and Clothes), to the abstract (such as Numbers and Time). The StarArk Video Course has you covered.

The StarArk Video Course will develop your child’s encyclopedic knowledge in Chinese, and expose your child to the wonders of the world! 


Yes you got that.. In Chinese!

Furthermore, our videos only use pictures from real-life. 

Using real-life pictures instead of cartoons and illustrations, your child can better relate the concepts learnt to their  lived experience, environment and daily context, making learning relevant to your child.

StarArk brings your Child’s Chinese learning to life!

       Nurture the entire individual.

We take a holistic approach to education.

Learning is not just about memorisation, acquiring knowledge and developing hard-skills.

The StarArk Video Course system is a multi-sensorial and multi-modal one, which means no matter the learning-style of your child, he/she will love StarArk!

Learning with StarArk Video Course will stimulate your child’s multiple intelligences.

Your child will easily acquire vocabulary and build a strong foundation in language, developing his/her verbal-linguistic and logical intelligence.

By building their encyclopedic knowledge of the world and bringing learning to life, StarArk develops your child’s naturalistic intelligence.

Last but not least, by learning through the Arts, your child will develop in areas such as creativity, musical and artistic ability, self-expressivity and critical thinking!

With StarArk, your child will be nurtured holistically and wholesomely.


  Give Your Child A Head-Start With StarArk... 

Invest in your child’s future!


Excited yet? You should be! 

But for whatever reason you’re still on the fence, let me make it even more worth your while…


Get These FREE Bonuses!

For the first 100 who subscribe, you’ll get the special offer of these bonuses worth up to $5200 a year!  For free!

This is a limited-time-only, exclusive offer to you, as a special thanks for being our first batch online!

These bonuses below are an add-on to your subscription of the StarArk Video Course, which gives you even more firepower on your child’s ascend to success. 

Remember though   … only for the first 100, due to limited spaces. After that, it’s gone. 

Don’t get me wrong. Just the StarArk Video Course alone is enough to allow your child to build a strong foundation in the Chinese language.. 

Just that with these Bonuses, your child’s progress in Chinese will be greatly accelerated!

Bonus #1

Total Value: $400

Bonus #2

Total Value: $400

Bonus #3

Total Value: $400

Bonus #4

Total Value:


English Thematic Songs

I am offering you English Thematic Songs with exactly the same melody and vocabularies as the Chinese version.  By singing the English song first, it will make it easy for your child to be familiarised and absorb the Chinese vocabulary efficiently.  This simultaneously revises and enhances their English vocabulary pool, effectively developing your child’s bilingualism! With both languages songs, you will be receiving a total of 80 Thematic Songs, with over 3000 vocabularies!

Weekly Webinar For Parents

Being in our Parent’s Inner Circle, I will personally be there to provide you with exclusive assistance through weekly interactions and professional instruction for the 40 themes, to provide you the guidance, secret tips and techniques to supercharge your child’s learning, and enhance your parent-child relationship! It is also a community of experience sharing. At every session, I will get to listen to any of your concerns/issues and provide personalised advice accordingly.


Monthly Physical Meet

(Applicable to SG only)

Gatherings will be held every month (depending on local government measures on COVID-19) which allow a casual exchange between the members and me.
The fees for this event will be an AA system, local students and parents will be invited for self-paid participation for organising costs.

So why wait?


You’ll NEVER see a better offer anywhere else! Let’s do it. 

I’ll be there with you.


Every step of your child’s Chinese learning journey. Until you and your child hit the heights you deserve… and more. 

Thank you, and I’ll see you at the top!

To Your Child’s Learning, 

Ms Annie Lim (Ms Nini)


P.S. In case you skipped to the end (many do that, including me sometimes), here’s a short summary about our StarArk Video Course:

When you subscribe to our course, be prepared to see your child’s experience in Chinese learning change forever. Your child will enjoy and have fun learning Chinese, and build a strong foundation for their future.

You can say goodbye to headaches, heartbreaks and costly investments in long-term Chinese tuition..

P.P.S. For the first 100 who register/buy, you’ll also get Bonuses worth $5200 a year. 

Many of our students have achieved success with StarArk...

and so can you!

Start the journey with StarArk Now.

I can't wait to see you and/or your child progress 

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