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Successful Learning Method is a leading singing and learning Chinese course provider.

We present Teacher Nini ’s original thematic learning model and educational concept to help students strengthen their language skills easily. Her holistic method increases vocabulary, explores knowledge, develops creative potential, and shapes character. It is designed to help children develop healthily, cultivate acting and presenting talent, nurture parent-child relationships and  establish a conductive learning environment in the family. Through her efforts, she aspires to provide students and parents with fully personalised, high-quality online and offline learning materials and services.

Senior Creative Educator

Teacher Lin Qianru (Teacher Nini) has 30 years of experience in training children’s speech and performing arts, training teachers in drama and creative dance, publishing books, producing songs, and directing media. She has a nuanced understanding of the child's mind and has a gift in guiding children to increase their interest in learning and maximise their potential.

· Former Full-time Actress and News Director of Singapore Television Station;

· Founder of Singapore Excel-World Language School,

   which has nurtured more than 8000 students;

· Founder of Er-Shi-Le Bilingual International Kindergarten in Jilin & Beijing, China;

· Former Director of Education and Business Development of Beijing Elton International Kindergarten;

· Composer of "Come on to Beijing" and "Five Fu Wa" Theme Songs for the Beijing Olympic Games in China;

· Part-time Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts, Singapore Chinese Studies Centre;

· Member of Singapore Composers Association and registered children's book writer;

· Awardee of the LKY Bilingual Cultural Education Fund to produce bilingual Singapore-Themed Songs;

· Resident Judge of Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers Association for National Primary and Secondary Schools Competitions;

· Organising Committee of The International Art & Culture (Singapore) Federation, leading Chinese Cheongsam Image Consultant Training and Arts Events Planning.

Searching for An Effective Materials & System?

Looking for materials for Mandarin learning in the current market is a frustrating and chaotic experience for every parent!

Although there are many free songs and videos on the Internet, as the learning objectives are not clear, most of them are entertainment-based and not systematic. 

Learning in such an unstructured way can be DANGEROUS for your child's foundation!

On the other hand, some parents may go to the bookstore to buy exercise books for their children, or send them for Chinese tuition. Due to the achievement-oriented pedagogy commonly found in such settings, such learning experiences may cause the following adverse side effects:


  • Inflexible teaching and prescriptive content (aka."Spoonfeeding") will produce a psychology of dependence in your child.

  • Methods of rote-learning will stifle critical thinking and creativity.

  • Unhealthy stress will destroy the natural interest in learning and curb the holistic development of your child.

  • The strict academic nature of such programs may provoke a rebellious psychology and distort the child's character.

  • Your child may become over-competitive or suffer from self-esteem issues.

  • Tuition and materials are expensive. It increases the financial burden of the family.

  • It furthers the gap between the rich and the poor. We believe that true education should be a leveller for socio-economic status.

Exclusive Song-Based Thematic Learning Program

StarArk's thematic 'Sing and Learn' system enables your children to develop their intelligence, literacy and memory effectively in a happy and relaxed state during their critical developmental period. The program provides your child with a large storehouse of vocabulary and sentences, cultivates good study habits, exercises critical thinking skills, and improves future readiness through the use of technology in our pedagogy.

Here are the different learning series we offer:

  1. StarArk Bubble Series
    ( 80 Bilingual Vocabulary Songs)

  2. StarArk Rainbow Series
    ( 120 Thematic Song & Dramas)

  3. StarArk Hanyu Pinyin Series
    (8 Chinese Phonetics Songs )

  4. StarArk Di-Zi-Gui Series
    (8 Character and Values Songs)

  5. StarArk Sing-A-Kids Series
    ( 30 Singapore Thematic Songs)

The Benefits of Singing and Learning Mandarin

  • Singing is fun and interesting, with little to no effort, your child will learn!

  • Singing and learning through melody, rhythm, and lyrics will greatly help in pronunciation.

  • Singing is very effective for memorising words efficiently in the long term.

  • Singing songs will help your child learn to speak standard, authentic Mandarin Chinese in conversations!

  • Singing integrates language, music, and performance into a comprehensive art.

  • Singing improves your child's listening and speaking skills.

  • Singing improves your child's critical thinking and linguistic abilities.

  • Singing improves mood, reduces stress and releases positive neurotransmitters in the brain and body.

  • Singing enhances the body's immunity.

  • Singing improves respiratory function and is conducive to expanding lung capacity.

The Benefits of StarArk Thematic Learning System

  • A new and effective education model in place of the usual "rote-learning" in schools and tuition centres!

  • Acquire an encyclopedial knowledge base through the structured themes and your child's natural sense of curiosity!

  • Build a strong foundation in language through functional vocabulary and sentences.

  • Quickly improve memory and long-term retention of information.

  • Cultivate self-directed learning and critical thinking skills.

  • Learn to listen, read, narrate, sing, act and present!

  • Rekindle the joy of learning and discover the self-confidence in your child!

  • Realise your child's potential and creativity!

  • A holistic educational model invested in the comprehensive development of your child.

  • Improve parent-child relationships and create a nurturing learning environment in your home!

  • The system is economical and cost-effective, great value for your and your family!


Singing - Learn Bilingualism and Literacy

Through bilingual thematic songs, students will not only sing a song in a language they are familiar with, they will then learn the song in the corresponding language also! Singing while learning has never been so easy and fun!

Stories - Learn Comprehension & Expression

A sentence may have many  different expressions. How can we learn them? Imitation is the nature of human beings, and stories are a powerful method to learning, since ancient times. By listening to stories, understanding the context, and imitating the expressions of the characters in the story, you can learn more with less effort!

Drama - Learn Performing Arts

Teacher Nini first teaches the students to read a simple script, allowing them familiarise themselves with the sentences and roles, and then shows the students an example of her performance. In this way, students can learn how to perform with each other!

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