We strive to empower people with the Mandarin Language using the StarArk Method: 

Bringing joy to the people with thematic songs to learn languages in a fun and easy way.


Senior Trainer, Producer, Founder
  • Founder of Star Ark International Pte. Ltd.

  • Actress and News Producer of the Formal Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

  • The headmaster of ErShiLe Bilingual International Kindergarten in China.

  • Preschool-education Director of the Beijing Eton International School.

  • Founder of the Excel-World Language School of Singapore.

  • Senior instructor for training teacher-level Mandarin Performing Arts.

  • A part-time lecturer at the Singapore Chinese Language Research Center.

  • Writer for You Xin Yao Story-Songs Series.

  • Member for Composers and Authors Society of Singapore.

  • Award winner for Lee KY Bilingual Education Fund 2014.


Learn anywhere, anytime, any way!

We are dedicated in letting you learn in the best way possible, specially for you.

We strive to provide a customised learning experience, according to your specific learning needs, personality and commitment level.

No matter if you are a high-powered executive with a hectic schedule, an aspiring student, or a stay-at-home mom, we've got options for you.

We provide an online learning platform integrating internet technology, music, videos and a well-developed Chinese language curriculum, for you to learn anytime, anywhere, the fun and easy way! 

Taking things to the next level, ​complement your online education with our real-life sessions that you can attend in person in group or private settings. These courses are conducted by our passionate and qualified coaches, and will bring what you learn into life.


If you want to learn from the best, meet Ni Ni Lao Shi herself in our personalised, one-on-one training sessions. Super-charge your learning process to ensure personal and professional mastery of the Chinese Language and more! 

With Ni Ni Lao Shi's ground-breaking teaching methods of multi-modal learning and engaging multiple intelligences in her students, we have faith that no matter who you are and how you learn, you will find a place for yourself in StarArk.


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